About our School – Introduction

Scartleigh National School was founded in 1848 with the original school situated in Saleen village on the site of the present day Catholic church. In 1947 a new two-classroom school was built on the present site. In the late 1970s the school was extended to include four new classrooms with the original building used as a general purpose room. In 2006 a complete renovation of the building took place with the involving the addition of four further classrooms, a Learning Support Resource Teaching room and a Principal’s office.

The school’s accelerated development and increased enrolment numbers over the past ten years has meant the addition of several temporary buildings to the rear of the main school building. However, these have since disappeared from site replaced with a wonderful standalone extension opened in September 2014. This includes eight additional classrooms, a PE hall, four special classes for children with autism, offices, learning support rooms and ancillary rooms. The campus was landscaped and includes two new playgrounds and on site-staff parking.

Scartleigh National School is a co-educational mainstream school with An Cuan a unit for children with autism attached. The school is under the patronage of the Catholic diocese of Cloyne. The school caters for 430 children in seventeen mainstream classes and 30 children in the five classes in An Cuan.

scartleigh ns
scartleight national school playground


At present the school has an Administrative Principal, seventeen mainstream class teachers and eight full-time Special Education Teachers (LS/RTs) and five special class teachers.

The school also has a Secretary, Teresa Leahy, a caretaker Francis O’Rourke and twenty Special Needs Assistants, Tara O’Shea, Caroline McMahon, Roisin Bell, Majella Clohesey, Mary Harnedy, Rebecca Barry, Fiona O’Keeffe, Martha Varian, Lesley Ryall, Julie Walsh, Angie Lyne, Lisa Quirke, Ber Murray, Linda Berry, Carol Butler, Michelle Mulcahy, Mags McEvoy, Eunice Wanjiru, Amy Ring, Ann O’ Neill & Vera Terry.

The staffing schedule for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

Principal: Denise O’ Donovan

Deputy Principal: Múinteoir Niamh

Mainstream Class Teachers:

Junior Infants – Múinteoir Gobnait
Junior Infants – Múinteoir Úna
Senior Infants – Múinteoir Maire
Senior Infants – Múinteoir Áine
First Class – Múinteoir Ciara
First Class – Múinteoir Sharon
Second Class – Múinteoir Jillian
Second Class – Múinteoir Seán
Third Class – Múinteoir Luke
Third Class – Múinteoir Caitríona
Fourth Class – Múinteoir Fiachra
Fourth Class – Múinteoir Róisín
Fifth Class – Múinteoir Amy
Fifth Class – Múinteoir Séamus
Fifth Class – Múinteoir Lisa
Sixth Class – Múinteoir JP
Sixth Class – Múinteoir Aoife

An Cuan

Special Classes for Children with Autism
Múinteoir Eimear
Múinteoir Eoin
Múinteoir Nessa
Múinteoir Ailish
Múinteoir Mary

Learning Support and Resource Teaching

Múinteoir Karen
Múinteoir Claire
Múinteoir Veronica
Múinteoir Áine Galvin
Múinteoir Louise
Múinteoir Clíona
Múinteoir Pat
Múinteoir Tríona

Class organisation is reviewed on an annual basis and is subject to change.

Where a particular class has to be split, children will be placed by the principal in consultation with the class teachers. Split classes will be organised on a mixed ability basis. Classes are split on the basis of mixed ability and gender balance. Decisions on split classes are non-negotiable.

Staff deployment is decided by the Principal.

Staff are addressed using Christian names. Teaching staff are addressed by pupils using the title Múinteoir (Teacher) followed by their Christian name.

learning and teaching
board of management

Board of Management

Chairperson: Tom Casey
Patron’s Nominee: Fr. Patrick McCarthy
Secretary: Denise O’ Donovan (Principal)
Teaching Staff Nominee: Eoin O’Gorman
Parents’ Nominee: Karl Power
Parents’ Nominee: Jennifer Falvey
Community Nominee: Marnie Porter
Community Nominee: Richard Fitzgerald

The Curriculum

The primary curriculum 1999 has been adopted by the school and all subjects are taught at each level. The school supports the vision of the curriculum in celebrating the uniqueness of the child as it is expressed in each child’s personality, intelligence and potential for development.

The school also adopts the general aims expressed in the curriculum:

• To enable the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his or her potential as a unique individual
• To enable the child to develop as a social being through living and co-operating with others and so contribute to the good of society
• To prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.
A whole school plan for each subject has been formulated by the teaching staff. These plans are reviewed regularly and have been endorsed by the Board of Management.

The following is a list of the curricular area subjects:

• English
• Gaeilge
• Mathematics
• Physical Education
• Social Personal and Health Education
• Social Environmental and Scientific Education:
• Science
• History
• Geography
• Arts Education
• Visual Arts
• Music
• Drama
• Religion. The school’s ethos is Catholic. As a Catholic school the Alive-O programme is taught at each of the eight stages and children in Second and Fifth/Sixth class are prepared for First Holy Communion and Confirmation respectively.


Opening and Closing Times:

8.40 am Drop and Go*
8.55am Teachers bring children to the classrooms
9.00am School begins
11.00am Sos beag
11.15am Classes re-commence
12.40 pm Sos mór
13.05pm Classes re-commence
13.40pm Infant day ends
14.40pm Full school-day ends

Books and Uniforms

The school operates a book rental scheme. All books, copies etc are available to each child for a fee of €60 per annum.

Both the school uniform and tracksuit are available at Hydes, Main St Midleton. The school uniform consists of a grey trousers and shirt, a royal blue jumper and a blue and grey striped tie. Girls may wear a grey pinafore or skirt with grey tights. The tracksuit is navy with a light blue polo T-shirt. The tracksuit carries the school badge which was designed by a former pupil, Jane McGauran.

The Parents Association:

The school has a very active Parents Association. The PA is affiliated to the NPCA. The PA meet monthly in the school and the chairperson liaises with the School Principal after each meeting. The Principal is welcome to attend each PA meeting. As well as fundraising and providing support for school events the PA organise a variety of after-school activities including, chess, arts and crafts, knitting, guitar and rugby.

External Users of School Facilities:

The school facilitates parents and children by making rooms available for activities outside of school hours conducted by private individuals who are Independent Contractors. These activities are not part of the school curriculum and are not regulated by the school which only provides facilities to enable these independent contractors and parents to make arrangements between themselves. Parents discharge any fees payable directly to the independent contractor who is responsible for all aspects of the service provided. Contractors have their own insurance. While the school makes every effort to facilitate all parties, neither the Board of Management of the school nor the trustees of the Parish can accept any liability whatsoever for any matter arising in connection with such activities or in neglect or default of any such independent contractor whatsoever.