Tanzania School Link

The school has a twinning arrangement with Changombe Primary School in Dodoma, Tanzania.
This arrangement came about through the friendship of school principal Peter Gunning and Desdery Kunzenza in Dodoma.

Desdery had produced plays, performed by children in Dodoma and written by Peter.
The pictures below show the cast of Cinderella.

On contacting Peter by e-mail they decided to set up a twinning of their two schools.

Last year 5,000 was donated to the school on behalf of the INTO and Scartleigh National School.
The school purchased much needed desks and celebrated their arrival. See pictures below.

The Irish and Tanzanian flag on display.

The celebrations included some dancing and singing and a special song for Scartleigh.

This has proved invaluable in providing children with an opportunity to discover both differences and similarities in their cultures.

Children regularly exchange art and written work.

It is hoped to arrange an exchange visit in the future.