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Our school is involved in the Green Schools initiative. We have organised a Green Schools Committee.
The committee is all about looking after the environment and using less energy so we started recycling
and making sure we are not using too much energy by turning off the lights more.

The people in the committee are : Fíona, Shane, Andrew, Jasmine, Bill, Edward, Michael and Dáire.
We are also doing compost and the committee collects it every day at 2pm.
As well as recycling and using less energy we are trying to keep our school as tidy and litter free as possible.
So we put up this chart that says whether your classroom is tidy or messy, with happy faces or sad faces.
So when we go into a classroom and its untidy we give them a sad face and if its tidy we give them a happy face.
We also pick up litter around the school so thats it even more tidy.

We will be in the committee until the 16th of March and then a new committee will be picked.
If we keep our school tidy an inspector wil come in,
inspect the school and if its tidy we will get the Green Schools Flag.

Our Committee:

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