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The activities of the Parents Association are organised and run by a
Committee elected each year at our AGM in September.
Below are the details of this years committee members and what they do:

Chairperson - Liz Connelly
Chairs committee meetings, oversees work of other officers, liases with Mr. Gunning and board of management.

Vice-Chairperson - Fran O' Rourke
Chairs meeting in absence of chairperson, responsibility for running events such as shows and parties.

Treasurer - Jane O' Carroll

Assistant Treasurer - Claire Robinson
Collection of activity fees, banking and paying of teachers, issuing cheques for on going expenses,
keeping record of all monies collected and spent, producing an account for inspection at the AGM.

Secretary - Kate O' Regan
Taking minutes at committee meetings, writing newsletters, dealing with any parents association correspondence.

Public Relations Officer - Alison Callinan
To ensure school events are publicised both within the school and to the wider community,
to produce posters for parents association events; to keep a photographic record of the years events.

Special Needs Co-ordinator - Sylvia Healy
To bring any issues regarding special needs to the attention of the parents association.

National parents Council Representative - Mairead Henchion
To attend National parents council meetings and feedback to the committee on issues affecting Scartleigh National School.

Board Of Management Parent Representatives - Maurice Killeen and Mary Henchion
Automatically part of the Parents Association committee and feedback parents issues to the board of management.

After Schools Activities - Una Cosgrave

Garden - Nora Hickey

General - Susan Fitzgibbon and Colette Mould

What we do!

Provide after school learning activities for children and parents.
Art, Knitting and Craft, Speech & Drama, Cookery, Singing, Parenting.

Support Mr. Gunning, his staff and board of management.
Cleaning, moving furniture and packing, book fairs, transport.

Provide catering for school events and functions.

Open days.

Organise social family events to enable parents to meet and get to know each other.
Halloween parties, concerts, after school swimming.

Plan and carry out fund raising activities.
Walks, calendars, demo nights.

We keep you informed on what is going on in the school with regular newsletters and open meetings.

As a parent you can talk to any one of the committee members and raise issues you feel are important to you.
Also we would love to hear ideas on events, fun days and other activities which will add to the variety and fun at Scartleigh National School.
At all the events we run, we get great support from parents, you donít have to be on the committee to help out.

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