Homework Policy

Scartleigh National School Homework Policy

Introductory Statement

The teaching staff of Scartleigh National School formulated this policy. The policy was formulated on the 8th of December 2005.

Vision Statement

In Scartleigh National School homework is given to consolidate learning in key curricular areas. Priority is given to key curricular areas, especially literacy and numeracy. Homework is also used in the school to foster homelinks in subjects such as SPHE and religion.

Aims of Homework

To reinforce and consolidate learning.
To promote habitual independent learning.
To communicate with parents.
To raise awareness among parents of classroom learning.

Time Allocation of Homework

Class Time
Fifth/ Sixth - forty-five to fifty minutes
Third/ Fourth - thirty to forty minutes
First/ Second - 20 – 30 minutes
Senior Infants - less than twenty minutes
These times are a guide. Each child will work at his / her own rate.


Importance of Reading
The school views reading as the single most important homework activity. Children should be reading at home on a daily basis. Younger children should be read to as they progress to become independent readers.

Paired Reading

Paired reading begins in infants. Gradually the child picks up on words and begins to read. The adult helps with the reading process. Ultimately the child will read to the adult. During a paired reading session the parent fills in on words the child may not recognise in a relaxed and friendly manner. The emphasis in paired reading is on fun and nurturing a love of reading.

Ideal Homework Conditions

Homework should always be done free from distractions such as television, radio and music.
Child should be seated at a table with ample work space and appropriate lighting.
A parent should always be on hand to assist the child.
All homework both written and oral should be checked by a parent.
The ideal time for homework is early evening, preferably when a parent is available to assist.
Parents must encourage children to work independently. Errors in homework are acceptable and are useful for the teacher in assessing learning.
Parents should encourage neat presentation and maximum effort.
In certain circumstances individual children may require differentiated homework. In these cases the child’s teacher will meet with the parents to discuss the individual needs of their child.

Difficulties with Homework

If a child is finding any aspect of homework stressful or difficult the parent should inform the class teacher by recording the problem immediately in the homework journal. The parents may make an appointment with the teacher to discuss the problem.