Healthy Eating Policy

In Scartleigh National School we promote the health and wellbeing of our school community by encouraging healthy school lunches. The curriculum helps us educate the children about healthy food (especially SPHE; PE and Science). This was devised in consultation with pupils; staff and parents.

Aims of this policy:
• To promote the well-being of our school community
• To promote the health of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living.
• To educate the child about the importance of good nutrition.
• To share the responsibility for making informed food choices and adopting a healthy balanced diet.

Healthy Lunch Guidelines
• Bottle of water
• Small snack for mid-morning break
• Balanced lunch for main lunch break
• Inclusion of fruit and / or vegetables encouraged.

Food and Drinks not permitted
• Sweets
• Crisps
• Popcorn
• Fizzy drinks
• Energy drinks
• Nuts

• Please advise staff of allergies
• Procedures in place for allergy sufferers

Supporting Initiatives
• Food Dudes
• Brennan’s Food Healthy Heroes
• Super Troopers
• Green Flag
• Garden
• Fruity Friday
• Vow (Vegtables on Wednesday)

It is advised that food is not given as a reward in school.

Special Occasions - Treats may be consumed on special occasions: e.g. School Tours; Sports Day; Cake Sales and End of Term

We hope these guidelines will assist everybody in making healthy eating choices.

Drafted October 2016
Review Annually