Our Health Promotion School Update – February 2017!

Check out our school's "Healthy Eating Policy" here!

The feedback from our recent parents’ questionnaire indicated that it’s high time to give our Healthy Eating Policy a reboot!
Check out the feedback here!

Two initiates that we’re very excited about are Fruity Friday and V.O.W.

Fruity Friday
Every Friday we would encourage you to pack extra fruit in your child’s lunch box.
It would be great if this was a fruit that they don’t usually try.
If possible let your child choose the fruit that they would like to bring in on Friday.
The school staff are encouraged to give Fruity Friday a try too!

V.O.W. stands for vegetables on Wednesday. Every Wednesday we would encourage you to pack extra vegetables in your child’s lunch box. There are plenty of tasty tips in the Super Trooper booklet that was sent home in December. The school staff are encouraged to give VOW a go too!

Well done to Múinteoir Fiachra’s Rang IV for designing these colourful information photographs!

In January and February we all continued to raise awareness of health and wellbeing in our school community. Here are some photos of our efforts. Our whole school community is working very hard to improve all aspects of health and wellbeing and our Healthy Eating Policy is undergoing a revamp!

Rang a Sé filled our corridors with positive affirmations and health promoting slogans and posters.

Rang a trí tried out healthy eating recipes and mindful eating. They also made a display board that explained mindfulness.

We started a wellbeing wall to match the teacher’s one in the staffroom.

Rang a Sé focused on positive intentions for the future.

                                            FOOD DUDES - YUMMY!


Food Dudes is a programme developed by the University of Wales, Bangor, to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and at home. it is based on positive role models (the Food Dudes characters), repeated tasting and rewards. The programme has been shown to be effective and results long-lasting. It is ultimately designed to enable children to enjoy eating healthy diets, and to create a healthy eating culture within schools.

There are two main phases to the programme:

Phase 1
This is an intensive intervention which lasts 16 days. During this time, children are given fruit and vegetables while they are read a letter and/or watch a specially designed video of the Food Dudes. These super-heroes save the life force from a gang of baddies whose objective is to take away the energy of the world by depriving it of nutritious fruit and veg. This phase is primarily school based, although children keep a diary of fruit and veg they have eaten at home.

Phase 2

This extends the home element of the Food Dudes Programme by encouraging the children to bring their own fruit and veg to school every day in special Food Dudes containers. Classroom wall charts are used to record progress, and children receive Food Dudes certificates and further rewards upon reaching goals. This phase maintains fruit and veg consumption in the longer term.

Click on the link below to find out more about Food Dudes!

                                            Click here to find out more about Food Dudes!