Scartleigh National School Attendance Strategy

Attendance Strategy (ratified by the Board of Management December 2011)


A child’s school attendance has a direct impact on his/her successful access to the curriculum. It is important that absences from school are kept to a minimum and parents are made aware of their duty in ensuring their child’s optimum attendance.

National Education Welfare Board:

Under the Education Welfare Act 2002, it is mandatory for the school to return quarterly and yearly reports to the NEWB. All accumulative absences of twenty or more days must be reported with an explanation for each absence by the school Principal to the NEWB.


• The school will inform all parents at the beginning of the school year of its obligation to report to the NEWB.
• Parents are requested to give a written explanation for all absences.
• The class teacher will keep all written absence explanations in a folder in his/her roll book.
• Parents who fail to submit written explanations will be contacted by the Principal. The Principal will remind the parents of the school’s obligations under the Education Welfare Act.
• The Principal may contact the NEWB for advice at any stage if he/she is concerned about a child’s attendance.
• The Principal will ensure that the school will abide by the Education Welfare Act and report when required to the NEWB