Healthy Eating - Feedback from Parents’ Questionnaire 3rd March 2017

This is a summary of the feedback we received from parents.
Thank you to all the parents that responded.
This feedback will help inform our plan.

• 99% of parents responded that the school is a happy and welcoming place to visit.
• 99% of parents responded that the school is clean, safe and pleasant.
• Every parent that responded stated that there is a good atmosphere in the school.
• 97% of parents responded that the school promotes student health and wellbeing.
• 100% of parents responded that there are respectful relationships between staff and pupils.
• 100% of parents responded that there are respectful relationships between staff and parents.
• 54% of parents responded that they feel that the school only contacts parents when there is something wrong. This is something we will work on improving. We are very proud of our pupils and would like to share and celebrate their successes with parents.
• 92% of parents responded that the school keeps parents well informed of things relevant to their child’s life. We will continue to share information through the school website; newsletters and meetings.
• 99% of parents responded that teachers are approachable if parents need to talk.
• 22% of parents disagree that they are aware of school policies. However many parents qualified this response by adding that they know where to access school policies (website or Principal).
• 34% of parents are unsure of what is delivered in the school’s SPHE programme. 89% of parents responded that the school listens to and welcomes the views of parents.

Other comments and Action Taken
In general the comments given were positive. Comments that were not relevant to Health Promotion were highlighted for school management.

• “I know the policies are available on website but haven’t read them”.
• “Would be appreciative of more information on the SPHE programme… (RSE)…”
• “I feel as a parent you have to be proactive in your child’s education…the teachers are available to discuss any worries you might have and the lines of communication are kept open…”
• “I think more can be done to communicate the above. I also think parents should be encouraged to be involved on a day-to-day basis with the school.”

Currently a sub-committee is revising our SPHE policy and an information sheet for parents will be available once the Board of Management ratifies revisions to the policy.

Healthy Lunch Policy
• “Rewards or awards should not be treat focuses (sweets and chocolate).
• Good behaviour shouldn’t be rewarded with sweets perhaps dancing like Lisa’s 10 at 10.”
• “I would like to see the healthy lunch policy …monitored better…”
• “Longer, calmer lunch break…”

Our Healthy Eating Policy was revised in October 2016 and is available on the school website. Initiatives like Brennan’s Healthy Heroes and Super troopers were introduced to the whole school in term one. Pupils have designed posters to promote healthy eating and are on display in classrooms; corridors; staffroom and school website. Fun initiatives like Fruity Friday and VOW (vegetables on Wednesday) support our healthy eating efforts.

“…Mindfulness or yoga during school hours….”

All school staff received mindfulness CPD from Catherine Sutton, MA in 2016. Many of the staff has engaged in longer CPD Summer courses. Several members of staff have a long standing daily mindfulness practice and additional training. Whole school daily mindfulness practices are part of our Health Promoting School Plan. Every class has a mindfulness resource pack.

“Hoping new playgrounds will enable a safer environment during play time”.

• “I think the staff at the school is doing an excellent job, maybe more after school activities for parents.”
• “Very happy with school; the extra care; interest and health that is given to the students is outstanding.”
• “The children are happy in school. I would like them to get more exercise.”